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Online Keno

Keno Online is something that is seeing a sort of insurgence in popularity. Keno100% a game of chance and is similar to lottery games or bingo that relies of a player to pick numbers from a series of available numbers on a play card. It requires luck in order to win – there is no strategy that can be applied due to the use of a random number generator that processes all online keno game results.

The Invention Of Keno

Keno first was invented in China. The original name for keno in China was “baige piao”. This was played using eighty characters from the Chinese dictionary where placed on a sheet or card. The point of the game is the same as Keno is today – to match as many numbers as possible to a maximum of 20.

Today’s version of Keno uses numbers versus characters.  Players may play one or more keno cards with the numbers 1 through 80 available to select from. To begin playing keno players first select the amount they wish to wager and then choose up to 20 numbers or they may elect to have automatically generated numbers applied with online keno. Players may also opt to play the same numbers up to 10 times in a row. After selecting their desired numbers the game will begin and the random number generator will commence to deal 20 numbers and place them on the keno card. Players will win based on the number of matches they get from the 20 numbers that were drawn. The paytable will show the results and amount that can be won and was won.

The Land Based Casinos’ Manual Keno

Another type of Keno machine that is found is the manual keno that is found in land based casinos. One is a transparent container that has two tubes that form a V-shape at the top. Many refer to this as a “Rabbit Ear”. The rabbit ear will contain 80 numbered keno balls between 1 and 80. When a game is started a blast of air will mix up the balls and continue until the tube is opened and then be lifted into the rabbit ears. Those balls that have been lifted into the ears will be recorded and the results will be paid. The most common manual form of keno is played with a metal cage that will hold 80 keno balls. When the metal cage version is played it will spin until 20 balls have dropped whereby the results will then be recorded.

Online keno or video keno uses a random number generator to generate the game results. Players will select numbers from a game screen in the same manner as they would select numbers from any other keno card. The game screen will display the 80 numbers found in keno and plays are able to push numbers to select those they wish to play. The use of a “quick Play” is also offered allow players to have the numbers selected at random for them.

Most players tend to show preference to online Keno. This is often due to the level of convenience it tends to offer to players. There is no need to have to go out to land based casinos or the need to spend the extra money traveling to one.

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