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Online Poker has begun to play an important part within the casino world. Many online casinos now include online poker to their players due to the incredible popularity of the game. More people have become exposed to the game for its entertainment value and the challenge the game brings to those who play it. It requires patience and a strong set of skills that are needed to analyze each hand played.

Poker Rank of Hands explained – Highest to Lowest

People who are interested in learning the game of poker need to first understand the different poker hands and the strength each offers. By gaining this knowledge beforehand you will have a solid foundation to apply basis poker strategy and improve your chances of becoming a winning poker player.

The Royal Flush: The Royal Flush is a hand that includes a K, Q, J, A and 10 of the same suit.

The Straight Flush:  The Straight Flush is a hand of cards that compromises of 5 cards of the same suit and are in exact numerical sequence.

Any Four of a Kind: Four of a kind is any four identical cards. The common terminology for this is Quads.

The Full House: The Full house consists of 3 identical cards of equal rank and includes 2 other identical cards of equal rank.  Basically this means a hand that includes 3 of a kind and a pair.

The Flush – The flush consists of 5 identical suited cards in a hand. They cards do not have to be in sequential order for a standard flush.

The Straight: The Straight includes 5 cards that are in sequential order. They do not have to be of the same suit but must be in sequential order.

Any Three of a Kind: A hand with 3 cards of equal value is defined as three of a kind. They cards do not need to be of the same suit.

Any Two Pair:  A poker hand that includes two cards of the same rank combined with an additional two cards of equal rank followed by a single card that does not equal the value of either pair.

Pair: A hand that includes 2 cards of equal value and three cards of none equal value.

Start to Learn Poker Tips

Prior top selecting an online poker room it is important to confirm it has a solid reputation, uses the latest security software and is licensed through a recognized licensing body. In addition it is imperative to verify that it offers easy to navigate software, multi-table functions and is compatible with your computers operating system.

Also it is advisable to play only with those poker rooms that are established and trusted as they generally have more players playing at the tables or in tournaments. This is critical as it means bigger tournaments and better chances at the cash tables. Finally be sure of the promotions that are offered and understand the terms of that bonus before you deposit.

Online Video Poker

Online poker games are seeing an increase of available game selections with some online casinos. This is in part to the growth the online poker industry has seen in recent years. Poker players will seek out video poker games for the same enjoyment that they play regular poker. It is a great method to improve their skills at poker and potentially develop some added strategies.

To play video poker you should understand the basics 5 card poker. If you understand this already then video poker will be right up your alley however if you don’t it is best to learn before playing.

Most video games will allow players a range of betting options. This will include the amount of coins played and the value of the coin being played. All payouts will be determined based on the amount of coins and coin size played. Payouts are different for each variation of video poker offered so be sure to review the payout table prior to commencing play. It is always advisable to play max coins when playing any video poker game online in order to maximise potential.

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