Best Online Casinos

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#4 Jackpot City Casino Rating: 4.3/5 Bonus: 500$ Visit Casino
#5 Titan Casino Rating: 4.4/5 Bonus: $4000 Visit Casino

Special Features That Can Be Found In Pokies

The pokies form a crucial part of the gambling activities online as well as at the regular casinos in a city or town. The slot machines provide you with the scope of being able to earn a vast amount of money within a short period of time by deploying the most skilful strategies along with a good deal of patience and wisdom. The slot machines can be of various kinds and are characterized by a large number of features that make these extremely popular among players around the world.

Well Known features of the Pokies

The pokies are characterized by a special feature that is known as the bonus. This is basically money that is transferred to your gambling account gratis, without you having won anything on your own. The bonus can either be given to you at the outset of the game. The bonus may also be provided to you in the course of a game or when a game is over. The bonus is a great morale booster as it provides you with the incentive of wanting to earn more and more money quickly as well as easily.

The pokies often have colorful numbers that indicate whether you as a player of the pokie have won the jackpot or not. The numbers become uniform in the event that you do happen to win the jackpot money which is up for grabs. As the numbers slowly become uniform, you can be rest assured that you have won that particular game. The numbers of a pokie are usually those that are red in color. Sometimes the numbers of a pokie might be blue or green in color as well but this is quite rare.

Fruit Pokies

Fruits or symbols of fruits can also be used at times to indicate a winning amount for a player who is using a pokie. For instance a lemon show three times side by side can mean that you have won the prize money after playing a particular game at an online casino. The pokies are also those that feature videos where you can see the numbers and the amount of money that you are betting for a particular game and the numbers that are being betted upon by your fellow rivals or rather your fellow competitors in the game.

The pokies contain a slit at the side where you have to insert a coin or two in order to be able to start playing the game. This is however true only in the case of the casinos that are present in the regular casinos and not in the online ones.

Thus, the pokies are gambling gaming machines that are serviced by a number of exciting features. Playing the pokie games is something that is quite easy to do and can be done even by a person who is a novice at the game of gambling.

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