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Video Poker

Video Poker became popular in the early 1980’s and today is the second most played game in online and land based casinos. It is a game that requires luck, skill and knowledge in order to become a winning player overall. Each version of video poker is based around 5 card poker.

You will find many different variations of video poker that is available for play. The addition of online casinos has seen the availability for those who love video poker become substantially improved. Most online casinos include multiple video poker games and will include multi-hand video poker with up to 100 hands offered.  The first online software provider to introduce video poker online was Microgaming back in 1994.

Playing Video Poker

Video Poker, in many ways, is the same as playing poker but without having to worry about other players and the skills needed to read the subtle differences between those players. To begin playing video poker players will need to place a wager – they may choose the value of the coins they wish to wager with and up to 5 coins per hand can be played. After doing so players will deal the cards. They will receive 5 cards of which they can elect to hold the cards they like. Upon doing so they will then deal a second round of cards with the hopes of improving the results and have3 a winning hand. Any winnings derived from the hand will be credited automatic both in online casinos and with land based casinos.

Available Hands in Video Poker

Pair: Any two card of equal value. An example would be 4h, 4c, 6s, 2h, ks – this will result in a win equal to the amount wagered.

Three Of A Kind: A hand that contains three cards of equal value. An example would be Ks, Kh, Kc, 9s. This will return a payout of 10 coins.

Flush: A hand that contains 5 cards of the same suit. This will return a payout of at least 20 coins.

Straight: A hand that contains 5 consecutive cards. A straight will commonly payout 20 coins.

Four Of A Kind: A hand that contains four consecutive cards. Four of a Kind will commonly payout 125 coins.

Full House: A hand that contains 3 equal cards combined with a 2 other equal cards. A Full House will commonly payout 40 coins.

Straight Flush:  A hand that consists of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. A Straight Flush will commonly payout 250 coins.

Royal Flush: A hand that consists of 5 consecutive high cards of the same suit. This will result in the max payout for any version of video poker and return 4000 coins.

Different variations of Video Poker

Jacks or Better: Requires a minimum of jacks or better to win.

Deuces Wild: Requires a minimum of three of a kind or better to win.

Jokers Wild:  Requires two pairs or more in order to win.

Aces and Faces: Winning hands are achieved similar to that found with Jacks or Better.

Aces and Eights: Requires a hand of kings or better.

Tens or Better: Requires a hand of ten or better in order for a winning hand.

Tips And Strategies for Video Poker

• When playing online be sure to look for casinos who will offer a bonus for video poker. This is a great tool to use to maximise the amount you have to play with when you start at a new online casino. Often this will allow for 100% or more in free money.

• Always make sure you always have enough funds to provide you the time for a extended session. This allows for time for the larger wins to be seen.

• Be sure to play max coins each hand in order to avoid possibly losing out on a large win or worse a Royal Flush.

• Always verify the paytables to ensure you understand each video poker game you are playing!

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